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Environnemental policy


Our campsite is an eco-friendly establishment and we have obtained the eco-label. Here are our commitments to protect the environment.


We are an environmentally friendly establishment and adhere to the Camping Qualité quality label and comply with its quality charter.
We have fixed a certain number of objectives in order to reduce our ecological imprint and to offer our customer’s the highest standards :

•  ‪Reduce our energy consumption and prioritise renewable energy. ‬‬
• ‪Water efficiency.‬‬‬‬
• ‬‪Limit waste.‬‬‬‬
• ‬‪Prioritise the use of renewable resources and products less dangerous for the environment. ‬‬
• ‬‪Teach our staff about the importance of environmental responsibility through information leaflets which they undertake to comply with before signing their work contract.‬‬


• ‪Energy efficient lightbulbs and use of electricity produced by renewable energy on one side of the campsite.‬‬
• ‬‪Installation of regulated flow taps (8 l/min) on most taps (we are gradually fitting all of our taps with this water efficient mechanism).‬‬
• ‬‪Recycling bins ‬‬‬‬
• ‬‪Use of eco-friendly cleaning products ‬‬
• ‬‪Eco-friendly products left in holiday homes for customers’ use.‬‬
• ‬‪Customer awareness – posters encouraging customers to follow our eco-friendly gestures, information given at the welcome drink and reminders left in the holiday homes. ‬‬
• ‬‪Installation of a geothermal heating (recuperation of the lake’s water temperature to heat the pool (400 m3).‬‬‬‬
• ‬‪Eco-friendly floor cleaning machine ‬‬
• ‬‪Installation of a rainwater collector at the pool.‬‬

We also invite customers to send us any suggestions for improving our eco-friendly policy. Don’t hesitate to contact us.