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Marque Bretagne
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Environmental policy


Our campsite is an eco-friendly establishment and we have obtained the eco-label. Here are our commitments to protect the environment.


Concerned with actively contributing to the preservation of the environment and aware of environmental issues, our quality relaxation campsite is committed through its environmental policy (see the Camping Qualité grid on sustainable development). In order to reduce its ecological footprint by continuously improving its environmental performance and in order to provide quality services for its customers, the establishment has set itself the objectives of:

  • Reducing energy consumption and promote renewable energies.
  • Optimizing water consumption. Limit the production of waste and ensure its best recovery.
  • Promoting the use of renewable resources and substances that are less dangerous for the environment.
  • Promoting environmental communication and education with staff upon hiring with specific documents validated by them before signing the employment contract.


As part of its approach and in pursuit of its objectives, the establishment has in particular implemented the following measures:

Use of low-energy light bulbs and consumption of electricity produced 100% from renewable energy source.

Installation of flow regulators (8 l / min) on almost all equipment for economical water consumption. All the taps and showers are already equipped.

Provision of bins to facilitate waste sorting

Use of eco-labeled or natural products for our cleaning products

Provision of natural products for customers in rental accommodation.

Invitation of our customers to follow us in our approach through messages to raise awareness of eco-gestures during the welcome drink and by putting up easels and other signs.

Installation of a geothermal heating system (recovery of the temperature of the lake water to heat the 400 m3 of the swimming pool.

We encourage our customers to send us any suggestions that could help improve our environmental approach.