Cape Frehel, the wild jewel of Brittany



Near the campsite, the Cap Fréhel,

Wild jewel of Brittany

Only 25 minutes by car from the campsite Bretagne le Bocage du Lac, Cap Fréhel awaits you. One of the most spectacular sites of the Côtes d’Armor and of Brittany. Facing the sea, this cape raises its rocky cliffs of schist and pink sandstone 70 meters high. It is one of the most beautiful panoramas of Brittany. It can be discovered during the very beautiful walk that leads to the Fort de la Latte.

It is a spectacular site. A sea with emerald reflections crashes relentlessly at the feet of the high cliffs in which hundreds of birds have made their nests. At the top of these cliffs, the Cap Fréhel extends over 400 hectares of moorland. When the gorse and heather are in bloom in the spring and early summer, this vast wilderness is colored yellow and purple. A magnificent sight that stands out against the blue of the Channel. As if to protect this preserved nature, a lighthouse of 103 meters watches over the Cap Fréhel.

A site to discover by bike

The Grand site composed of the Cap Fréhel and the Cap d’Erquy can be visited on foot on the hiking trails, but also by bike. It is in fact crossed by a European cycle route, the Eurovélo route 4. This circuit is marked out all along the coast of the English Channel.

An ornithological reserve

With its splendid landscapes with changing colors, the Cap Fréhel is an invitation to walk. Following the coastal path for about 1h30, you will reach the Fort de la Latte. This historic monument is worth taking the time to visit, especially for its keep. At its top you can admire a breathtaking view of the Cap Fréhel and its cliffs.

All along your walk on the coast of the Cap Fréhel, take advantage to admire the richness of its wildlife. The Cap Fréhel is indeed an ornithological reserve. Hundreds of pairs of marine nesting birds live in the cliffs. Here you will see a crested cormorant, there a herring gull or, if you are lucky, a Torda penguin. Whether you are a birdwatching enthusiast or simply a nature lover, remember to bring binoculars with you on your walk at Cap Fréhel so that you don’t miss the spectacle offered by these hundreds of birds.