The Mont-Saint-Michel

Few sites in France, or even in Europe, are as spectacular as the
Mont Saint-Michel
. This masterpiece of medieval religious art stands on an islet in the middle of the sea, in the heart of a beautiful bay. A unique place and an unmissable visit during your vacations in 4 star campsite at BOCAGE DU LAC, in Brittany.

Let’s not be chauvinistic… As the saying goes “The Couesnon in its madness has put the Mount in Normandy”. The time of a visit from the CAMPING AU BOCAGE DU LAC, let us leave Brittany for Normandy. But what a visit !!!! The Mont Saint-Michel is a unique place. In the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, Aubert, bishop of Avranches, founded a sanctuary dedicated to the archangel Saint-Michel on an islet in the 8th century. His decision was taken after three successive appearances of the archangel. An excellent idea that gave us the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. Its construction knew several stages, over several centuries. However, it is in the 13th century that it became the jewel of Gothic art that we can admire today. And even though it underwent some defensive additions during the Hundred Years’ War, it kept its elegant silhouette which earned it the nickname of “Wonder of the West”. A well-deserved nickname.

An exceptional architectural ensemble

Mont Saint-Michel as we know it was built over several centuries. It mixes different styles that you can discover by walking up its unique street lined with stores and restaurants and that winds its way through the village on the side of a rock. However, it is the Gothic style that best defines it with its “Wonder”, the abbey complex placed at its summit and completed in 1228. Composed of two buildings, this gothic ensemble is leaning against the northern slope of the rock. Whether you are a believer or not, you can’t help but admire what was once a major pilgrimage site. It is reached by climbing the 350 steps of the Grand Degré staircase which begins at the parish church and leads to the doors of the abbey. The visit to the abbey can be done freely, however, you will learn much more by choosing to follow one of the guided tours.

In the 14th century, Mont St Michel added military architecture to its religious architecture. Indeed, it was equipped with ramparts pierced with doors that are still used today to enter the enclosure of the Mount. If art, history and architecture lovers will find dozens of reasons to be ecstatic while walking through the buildings of Mont Saint Michel, you don’t need to be a specialist to appreciate the beauty of this unique architectural ensemble only a few minutes away from the Camping Bretagne au Bocage du Lac. The visit of the Mont Saint Michel will leave very beautiful memories to all the family, including the children who imagine without problem to live a moment in the time of the knights and the princesses. However, history lovers will complete their discovery of Mont Saint Michel with a visit to the Scriptorial of Avranches. where the precious manuscripts of the abbey of Mont Saint Michel are kept.

Crossing the bay of Mont Saint-Michel

The bay of Mont Saint Michel is a special place. Crossing it on foot is a real experience. To embark on this crossing barefoot, it is however advisable to be accompanied by a guide so as not to be surprised by the tides.